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Hollowed out ?

When buying Engagement, Wedding or Eternity rings, turn it over and take a look underneath!
Is it hollowed out?

Many high street chains do this to cut down on costs by using less metal.

Doing this makes the ring weaker and much harder (if not impossible) to resize or repair in the future.



An often overlooked consequence of this is that it is also a great place for dirt and grime to quickly build up. We often see people who believe they are allergic to gold – in most cases, it is the build-up of dirt & moisture held next to the skin that causes the problem.

Far better to purchase a solid ring, which is much stronger and should present no problems when resizing and will not become a dirt trap.

So when looking at any ring you intend to purchase ….. start by turning it over!


Late Evening Appointments

The recent addition of our Appointment Booking system has proved to be very popular, so we are making further changes.
We have extended our weekday evening booking hours on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday of each week.
On these days the last 1 hour appointment will be at 6pm

Mon & Tue – Closed
Wednesday – By Appointment ONLY  10am – 6pm
Thursday – Shop Open 10am – 5pm : Appointments available 10am-6pm
Friday – Shop Open 10am – 5pm : Appointments available 10am-6pm
Saturday – Shop Open 10am – 5pm : Appointments available 10am-4pm
Sunday – Shop Open 10am – 4pm : Appointments available 10am-3pm

Please be aware, customers are always welcome to call in any time we are open, either with or without an appointment.
However at certain times we can get busy (especially Sat & Sun), we are a small independent family company and an appointment will ensure that there is somebody free to see you when you arrive.  This is particularly useful if you are travelling or have limited free time.

Appointments are not normally required when calling in to collect your wedding rings once they are ready, unless outside normal opening hours.


Appointments Update


Our appointment booking system is up and running and proving quite popular with those traveling from outside Loughborough.

Often we find that it can take an hour or more to go through all the options when choosing your rings and although customers do not need to have an appointment booked when coming to see us, if you have one it does mean you can be sure that somebody will be available to see you when you arrive and avoids any queues or delays!

If you have an appointment and find you are unable to make it then there is a link in the confirmation email to automatically cancel, or you can give us a call if you no longer have the email. We’re always happy if you want to reschedule for another time.

If you find you are running late then a quick call can help us manage things to avoid a clash with other appointments.

Book yours  HERE


There will be a few changes coming to Primo over the next couple of weeks.  

The aim of these changes is to provide greater choice and flexibility to those customers looking to purchase Wedding, Engagement or Eternity rings.

A part of this will involve changes to our opening hours.  We know that when couples are looking for wedding rings they do this together and it is often the case that regular retail hours don’t match the times people have off together.   That’s probably the reason our Sunday opening hours have been so popular.  We are also seeing an increasing number of couples travelling from further afield to visit us.

To help ensure that we can give people the attention they need when looking for a ring they will be wearing for many years, we have introduced a new Appointment Booking system.

It is quick and easy to book an appointment online, or customers can call us to make one over the phone.   We understand that things can change from day to day and sometimes people find they can no longer keep appointment.    If that’s the case then we appreciate it if people could let us know that they wish to cancel or would like to re-book at a later date/time.

We have also changed our opening hours on Wednesday.   Wednesdays will now be by appointment only, with the last (1 hour) appointment available from 7pm.

More changes will be coming that will allow us to expand on our already huge range of ladies and gents wedding rings

Will You Marry Me ring..

Will You Marry Me?

At Primo we often see people looking to buy an engagement ring but who are not sure exactly what metal, stone or style to go for and finger size is often little more than a guess!

Does that someone special want White or Yellow gold, do they want a diamond or coloured stone like a sapphire (becoming ever more popular!).

Should it be a single stone in a traditional mount, or something a little more elaborate.  The list of options can seem bewildering, especially to somebody not used to buying or wearing jewellery.

That’s where our  ‘Will You Marry Me‘ ring can help!


The ring is a 4mm solid sterling silver band engraved with the words ‘Will You Marry Me‘ and is suitable for both women and men.

When you purchase this ring for £50 you get a voucher for £50 off when you purchase a gold, platinum, or palladium engagement ring.  As for the original Will You Marry Me ring, you get to keep that!

In addition to that you’ll get a voucher for a discount of a pair of wedding rings!

This allows you to ask the question with the Will You Marry Me ring and then come into Primo to choose or design a ring together.  Not only does this help ensure that the ring is the style your partner really wants but it can make the process truly special allowing you both to have input on the final design.   Depending on the style of ring, we may be able to get a selection of stones in for you to view and you can then choose the centre stone for the ring.GentsWYMMa

Since first stocking these rings we’ve been amazed by their popularity and get many ‘that’s a great idea‘ comments from ladies and gents, even from people not getting engaged!

We’ve also had a number of really positive comments from other jewellery shops and goldsmiths, who love the idea!

We have had people use these rings who were getting engaged whilst travelling and didn’t want to risk taking a diamond ring with them.

We have now added another style of to the selection.  We now have signet rings with Will You Marry Me engraved on the inside.

Perfect for anybody asking the man in their life!

We have currently have limited stocks & sizes available in the shop  in Churchgate Mews.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

Last week we were away on a training course for an exciting new jewellery design system that we will be using.
Using this system we will be able to work with customers to modify existing designs or even come up with something totally unique.

We will be offering customer demo’s in the very near future. We’ll be adding image galleries to the webpage to show what can be achieved, but until then keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for some examples.  Always happy to get some feedback or hear your ideas for designs!


We already offer a number of options for the design of bespoke jewellery and this new system add to those options rather than replace them.    We will still be holding our monthly design days where customers can sit with the goldsmith and work on design options.  This system can help to visualise the design.





Platinum Recommeded Retailer

Primo Jewellery very proud to have been listed by the Platinum Guild International as a ‘Recommended Retailer’ for 2013 – 2014.  This involves us being mystery shopped by the Platinum Guild International and is only awarded to those retailers who possess the knowledge and expertise to advise on this rarest of precious metals.


Platinum Guild International

The Recommended Retailer Programme is a scheme set up by Platinum Guild International to identify and provide support to those retailers excelling as platinum stockists. Stores, generally with a minimum of 10% platinum stock, are visited by an anonymous mystery shopper, who appraises them against specific criteria including first impressions, merchandising, sales techniques and relationship building. Those jewellers that meet our standards then become PGI Recommended Retailers.




Primo was also listed as a Recommended Retailer for 2011, 2012, 2013.


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