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July 2020 Opening Hours & Services

July 2020 Opening Hours, Appointments & Services.


Safety first!

As the high streets start to open up for business and trading resumes, please be aware that PRIMO will continue to put the safety of our customers and staff first.   Perspex screens are in place, hand sanitiser is available and we will be working to ensure we maintain good levels of social distancing.

On Thursday and Sunday, we will be open by appointment only, therefore those with an appointment will be the only customers in the shop.  On Friday and Saturday, the appointment area will be sectioned off to allow a minimum of 2 meters between customer areas.    Currently, face coverings are advised but not essential.   We are happy for any customer to wear a face covering if they wish and PRIMO staff may do the same.

Since being allowed to re-open we have been asking customers for their opinion on how safe and relaxed they felt during their visit, this would allow us to make any changes required.  All the feedback we have had has been very positive.   However, if you have any particular concerns or requirements please do let us know in advance and we will work with you to ensure your visit is as safe and welcoming as possible.


Jewellery Repairs, Resizing and Cleaning Service:

As our restrictions continue to be relaxed and our high streets start getting back to business we are pleased to announce that our jewellery repair, resizing and cleaning services can now resume.

Items should be brought to the shop on Friday or Saturday, appointments are not required for repair delivery or collection.  The majority of repairs are ready for collection in  7 – 10 days, however, this can vary on the work required and will also be subject to any local or regional lockdown measures put in place!



Appointments are strongly advised for all Engagement, Wedding, Eternity and Bespoke jewellery services.   This limits any waiting time and allows us to ensure a safe environment for all our customers and staff.   Primo will be open Thursday and Sunday by appointment only, however, appointments are available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please visit our appointment booking page to see the available places and book your appointment:





Staying Safe …..

In order to make your visit to Primo as safe as possible, we are taking a number of measures to ensure customer and staff safety.

We are working on a ‘locked door’ to control access and allow us to implement a good level of social distancing.

We have made changes to our appointment system to include a 30 minute buffer between appointments. This gives us ample time to thoroughly clean surfaces and equipment used, including doors, desks, counters, chairs and card machine.  We also have a non-contact thermometer and if customers request it we care happy check staff or customer temperatures.

We think it is important that any jewellery handled is thoroughly cleaned before the next appointment.
All jewellery is cleaned by washing, wiping down with 80% alcohol sanitiser and put through a UV sanitiser cabinet.

(At the time of writing) Face coverings are not compulsory in shops. Primo are happy for any customer to wear a face covering during their visit and Primo staff may also choose to wear one.

It is important for customers and staff to feel safe & confident whilst in the shop. So during the first few days of appointments, we have been asking customers how they felt during the visit. All the feedback has been very positive, customers saying they felt safe during their visit.

If anybody is thinking of booking an appointment and has any concerns about their visit, please contact us and we will work to ensure we address these prior to your visit.

Re-Opening: June 2020

From Thursday 18 June 2020 Primo will be opening BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

We will be working to make visiting us as safe as possible for both customers and staff and working by appointment will allow us to limit the number of people entering the shop and therefore, maintain current social distancing guidelines. 

There will be a 30 minute buffer between each appointment to allow us to thoroughly clean all surfaces and also sanitise any rings or equipment handled during each visit. We will have perspex screens in place and hand sanitiser will be readily available.   Current advice says the wearing of face coverings is optional in shops, but we are happy if you choose to wear one.   

Please note that security advice to jewellers and from our insurance is to ask customers to temporarily lower any face covering on entering and look at one of the CCTV camera.  We will be working on a ‘locked door’ to ensure we can adequately control access and maintain security.  So having an appointment will mean you have the shop to yourself.

We would ask that customers limit the number of people attending an appointment.

To start with we will not be accepting repairs or resizing.  Many of the workshops have only just re-opened and are not back to full capacity.  We hope to resume this service sometime in July.


Things will undoubtedly be different from the way they were before lockdown, but we believe that we can offer the same level of service whilst ensuring we all stay safe.

…… Everything is subject to change depending on future government advice.