As unique as you are



When it comes to asking that big question you want to know that the ring you choose is something special.

We can work in a number of different ways to ensure the ring you give says what you want it to say.

Although we have a selection of rings in stock and ready to go, many of our customers want to provide an input into the final design, adding a personal touch to a special item of jewellery that stands out from the crowd.

This could be viewing a selection of loose stones, not limited to diamonds and then choosing the one you want to be set into the ring, or it could be a fully bespoke ring designed from an initial idea or sketch.  Bespoke designs require a little more time and forward planning but the results are always amazing.




We only supply good quality diamonds of a colour and clarity above that used by most major high street jewellers.  Many of the big names on the high street will provide their own certificate on the diamonds quality.  We order in diamonds to match your requirement and diamonds supplied by Primo that are over 0.25ct come with certification from a fully independent, internationally recognised diamond grading lab.

Budget is always a consideration and Primo pride ourselves not just on quality but on price. Our prices are competitive enough that we do see staff from other jewellery shops as customers!



Too many times there is an assumption that an engagement ring is purchased by the man and given to the lady, but that option doesn’t suit everybody.

We can offer advice and provide rings suitable as a Gents engagement or commitment ring.

This could be a signet type ring with a message like ‘Will You Marry Me‘ engraved inside or a simple band with a diamond set into it.  Black diamonds are often popular for this type of ring.




The range of styles and choices available can seem bewildering and it can be difficult to know where to start.

To get a clearer view on how to proceed either give us a call or pop into the shop for a quick chat and we can help to narrow down the options.

Appointments are available (and recommended) for those wanting to view stones or spend a little longer looking at design options.