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Repairs & Resizing

Repairs, resizing and cleaning of jewellery accepted in the shop on Friday & Saturday.

No appointment necessary.

Jewellery Repair Service

Before repair

Primo are able to offer a full, professional jewellery repair service.

Working with skilled goldsmiths we are able to restore damaged jewellery to its former glory.

Often items of jewellery that may have a sentimental value, but seem beyond repair can be restored to look as good as new.

Your item of jewellery doesn’t need to be damaged to take advantage of our services.

Over a period of time white gold can lose its brilliant white appearance and take on a ‘yellow tint‘, your ring can be given a professional clean and polish (including re-rhodium plating), restoring that ‘as new‘ look.

To find out how we may be able to help, simply bring your item of jewellery to the shop for free advice on your jewellery repair options.

After repair





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