As unique as you are

Primo Jewellery are working with a local jewellery designer & goldsmith to provide a specialist jewellery design service for those customers looking for something special and unique.  This service allows you to sit and discuss your requirements and the design of your jewellery with the goldsmith who will actually be making it.

Below you will find examples of rings designed by Primo, there are many more options.

Like many people, you may have precious jewellery that may be of some value but not practical to wear. As part of our design service we are often able to rework the metal and stones from these items to produce new jewellery to your specification.

This is particularly useful if you have inherited items of sentimental value, but are not in a condition that allows them to be worn, so they remain out of sight in a jewellery box.   You could have the metal and stones redesigned into a piece that you can wear on a daily basis.

Based on your input the goldsmith can produce good quality design sketches of your design, these will be sent to you for you to view and approve. Once a final design has been agreed the goldsmith will hand make the item.

Design days are held on the first Saturday of each month and, due to increasing popularity are on an appointment basis.

To book an appointment please visit our Appointments pages.


For more details or to book an appointment, please call 01509 267423 or contact us via email.